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Every week, this page will host a new Islamic question for you to answer and possibly win a prize!

Absolutely any student at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at UOB can enter! No need to be an IMed member or a Muslim!

Some questions will be simple, others may require a few google searches; but either way they serve to remind you about Islamic stories you may have forgotten during your extremely busy lives!

Enter and you may be one of our winners!!

Which sahabah hosted the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at his home when the Prophet arrived in Yathrib/Madinah after migrating from Madinah. And where is the sahabah buried?

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Each question will last for 1 week.

From all the competitors who submitted correct answers, two winners will be drawn and will be contacted to be given their prizes...so get answering!

Prizes will vary depending on the difficulty of the question answered. 

Winners will be announced on Saturday evenings at along with the answer(s) and story associated with the question. At this time, the next Weekly Giveaway question will also be posted for you to enter once again with a chance to win the next prize!

Last Week's Winner


Last Week's Question & Answer 

'Which three 'shirts' are mentioned in Surah Yusuf? Briefly explain the context in which the three 'shirts' are mentioned.'

1) Yusuf's (pbuh) shirt was brought back to his father, Yaqoob (pbuh) by his brothers pretending it was Yusuf's (pbuh) blood on it.
2) When Yusuf's (pbuh) shirt was ripped from behind by the minister's wife when she tried to seduce him. 

3) When Yusuf (pbuh) told his brothers to take his shirt to their father and throw it on his face so that he would regain his vision.

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